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Welcome to Happy Jars Lifestyle

Where our mission is to help you SAVE TIME as you meal prep and plan for optimal nutrition, maximum flavor and varying dietary preferences.

Imagine a lifestyle where:
  • Your kitchen confidence soars to new levels 

  • Quality family dinners are a daily occurrence 

  • Fresh meal ideas are sent directly to your inbox weekly 

  • Your body feels nourished and loved by eating high quality food

  • Your renewed daily energy allows you to be your most productive self….

ALL these BENEFITS are attainable with the proper plan and access to reliable information.

Watch this short video to see how our fully customizable meal planning app works.

Attention Busy Moms - 
Let's talk about dinner!

Free Information Session Thursday, August 22nd at 7 pm

You will no longer find yourself asking:
woman thinking of a question.jpg

What will I make for dinner?

Tech Watch

Do I have time to make dinner?

Festive Dinner

How can I please everyone in my family?

Meet Jodi Gorman, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist and your personal guide to better nutrition

Her plans provide you with: 

  • Customized meal plans, instant shopping lists, recipes and nutrient information

  • Access to the most up to date nutrition information

  • Quality educational materials and resources

  • Cooking classes and videos 

The days of exhaustion, stale choices, decision fatigue and not having easy, healthy meal options ARE OVER


TODAY is the day to claim peace in your kitchen

Today is the day!
  • Customizable meal plans and shopping lists 

  • One on one sessions

  • Monthly educational and cooking seminars

Book a strategy session now.
Experience Happy Jars Lifestyle Meal Plans

The easiest way to help you meet your family's health goals

Book a strategy session 
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